Christmas Running 2014

Puffing Billy Gembrook Train – 30th December 2014

12A departing Menzies Creek.
The end of the downhill from Menzies Creek – Main Road crossing.
Emerald Bank – the steepest section on the railway, from Pinnock’s Cutting.
8A crossing the tallest bridge on the line between Cockatoo and Wright.
View of the 2’6″ gauge track through Wright ‘stopping place’.
After leaving Lakeside the railway navigates two large ‘U’ shapes to follow the contours of the hills, making the steep climb back to Emerald. Here 8A has already climbed a kilometre on the track from Lakeside, but is less than 500 metres across the valley from the station.
Three views across the valley of 8A at the end of the climb into Emerald township.
Cockatoo Creek Bridge, end of the downhill from Emerald.
Fielder station, or stopping shed – classic Victorian Railways architecture.
Four views from Fielder bridge – the last kilometre of uphill since Cockatoo Creek.
A small downhill section approaching Main Road crossing, Gembrook.
Main Road crossing, from here the line remains level until the Gembrook terminus.
7A on the return, or ‘UP’ train, approaching Menzies Creek.
Another Lakeside train departing Menzies Creek.
Crossing the iconic Trestle Bridge, the beginning of one kilometre uphill to Belgrave.