H.W. Garratt’s Patent No. 17165 – 1907 (G42 27th Oct 2013)

Just a quick drop into Menzies Creek station to admire G42.

Definitely worth a photo – the happy passenger is pretty too.
The passing train headed by 6A rolls in.
Clunking out of the platform toward Emerald Lake.
Past the automatic signal with a cab-full…
After ‘chuffing’ along on the level for 500 metres G42 glides past the Clematis ‘station’ as the crew prepare to hit the steep uphill to Emerald.
The fire is ready but the loco is by no means working hard.
And the climb begins – but even when the full weight of the train is tugging in the opposite direction, G42 doesn’t have to work too hard to ‘tug’ the long train up the 1 in 30 grade to Emerald.