Jerusalem Railway Station 1892 to today…

1992 row of stamps commemorating 100 years of the Jaffa to Jerusalem Railway.
Classic image of a Baldwin 2-6-0 loco on the small turntable in Jerusalem yard in te early years of the line.
In December 1917 a British force under General Sir Edmund Allenby liberated Jerusalem after 400 years of Ottoman rule. This image, taken just metres away from the one above, shows troops clearing the yard and station in the aftermath of the surrender of the city. The buildings and all fixtures would have been trashed by the out-going troops, who left without a fight out of respect for the ‘holy’ city.

The run-down station in 2008

I was really happy after my snoop around the station and yard in February 2008. What you can’t see are the few lumps of coal stuffed in my pocket. I had no idea then that a decade later the station would be completely restored.

The restored station in 2016

Just a little photoshop fun…
A nice touch – the original ‘end of line’.